At City Scape Dental, we take great pride in the service that we provide for our patients. Our doctors and staff are trained to provide the best options and care for you and your family. We are here to ensure that every visit at City Scape Dental is a great one for you! You don’t have to take our word for it, you can read what our patients have to say about their experiences at CityScape Dental



This patient was diagnosed with multiple cavities on the front teeth. Based on our patient’s budget, we helped our patient to greatly improve his smile through placing tooth-colored fillings (composites) on the 6 front teeth.


This patient’s smile was restored through the placement of porcelain crowns to fix the severe erosion on his upper front teeth.


Being one of our more severe cases, we improved this patient’s smile by removing the teeth that were not restorable, and replacing it with a porcelain bridge. We then restored the other front teeth with porcelain crowns and replaced missing teeth in the back of the mouth with partials.